Monday, December 17, 2007

Travel pictures (2): Kakamega Rainforest

Look at me, I can fly!

Pensative blue monkey:

Another blue monkey:

The eternal fight for food (the monkey climbed on Mira, bit her hand, and got the banana -- but I didn't quite have time to set up for the photo):

Black and white Colobus monkey:
The red-tail monkey:

Romanians are close descendents of monkeys:

I have a big telelens:

Many many ants:

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Anonymous said...

I worked with those very monkeys a few years ago & while I was overjoyed to see a photo of one of them looking so healthy & in general for people visiting & promoting the forest, but I feel duty bound to respectfully say please do not feed wild monkeys on the rest of your travels.It encourages them to approach people, great for tourists but not for locals as it encourages them to approach & steal their food which ultimately results in the monkeys being slaughtered! Not try to spoil your fun, but please be aware of the bigger picture. Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels