Friday, April 22, 2011

Please submit...

  1. Papers to MASSIVE 2011. This will be a SoCG satellite workshop (think Paris in June...). Publication here does not hinder publication anywhere else.

  2. Algorithmic problems for the Balkan Olympiad (BOI 2011). I am chairing the Scientific Committee, and we need your help in putting together an interesting set of problems. If your problem is selected for the competition, you will be invited to be a member of the Scientific Committee, and you get a free trip to the Olympiad if you accept (think Bistrița in July...). Anybody can submit problems, but I think the free trip only applies if you're starting somewhere in Romania and you are a Romanian/EU(?) citizen. Hence the call for problems is in Romanian; sorry.

  3. Comments to other blogs. This blog is now on full moderation after I had to delete a batch of comments that did not score particularly high on the sanity scale. Don't worry, the main point of this is not censorship; nasty but coherent comments will continue to be accepted.