Sunday, August 19, 2007

Informatics Olympiads: The End

[updated: more IMO people added]

I was told I should have a list of links to the posts, so here goes:

Please, spread the word... Informatics olympiads are a part of our intellectual tradition, and a part that we can be proud of. A theory community that is aware of the olympiads is a stronger, richer community.

Finally, I cannot end without proper credit to the IMO, the parallel Math contest which had already been running for 4 decades when IOI started. Not surprisingly, it has produced some top-notch (not to mention prize-laden) CS theoreticians along the years. Here are a few that I am aware of:

Theorists with prizes:
Theorists with jobs:
Pre-job theorists:


Anonymous said...

The list of people with IMO background is indeed impresive. It is normal to have successful people with olympic background, if we remember that the spirit of friendly intellectual competition is the most important thing in theory/CS.

Anonymous said...

reading off Indian medallists at IMO, there's also Rina Panigrahy, Rohit Khandekar, Satyen Kale and Swastik Kopparty.

Not to forget Shien Jin Ong.

Now I'm curious about the Israeli teams for the IOI and the IMO -- do many end up doing theory too?

Anonymous said...

From Slovakia: Martin Pál, silver IMO 1995.

Anonymous said...

Mohit Singh (silver, 1999, India)

Anonymous said...

Mark Sandler, gold 95, gold 96 (for Russia)

Anonymous said...

From Latvia: Andris Ambainis (gold IMO'92), now at Watersoo; Aleksandrs Slivkins (silver IMO'95, bronze IMO'96), now at MSR.