Sunday, September 9, 2007

SODA 2008 (updated)

The list of accepted papers has been posted.

If you get this weird feeling that something is missing, remember that he was on the PC.

On a rough count, there are about 13 data structure papers (cf. 16 last year), matching my prediction that the number of papers is not really affected by PC composition. From what I understand, most PCs are not actively trying to balance accept ratios across fields, so this phenomenon has a nonobvious explanation. (Maybe it is proof that the PC mechanism "works" in some abstract sense.)

I am also happy to report that our paper was accepted.


Anonymous said...

I'd say 13 vs. 16 is not a statistically insignificant difference. If there's no advocate for your borderline paper on the committee it will get rejected. Apparently there were 3 borderline papers.

Mihai said...

Come on, anon, there should be some nontrivial variance in the number of papers submitted. We can't take this so literally.

Having said that, however, I agree that my hypothesis would've been more convincing with 19 papers accepted instead of 13.