Saturday, February 23, 2008

End of Trip

After almost 3 months, I'm back to MIT.

I flew out of Luxemburg this morning, biked to Hague for lunch with a high-school friend, and now I have a few hours before attending a big Romanian party at MIT. Life is good.

Since I mention Luxemburg, I must add that I found it a remarkably beautiful city, even compared to the big European classics. Definetely worth visiting, especially for those of you who occasionally go to Dagstuhl (also note that LUX is significantly closer than FRA!)

At Dagstuhl, I gave two talks (Onlinifying Ian and Hard Data-Structure Problems), had enlightening conversations, but above all, I presented my new Romanian outfit:

(Picture courtesy of Sariel.)

The border-control dog seemed horrified by the smell of my baggage and disappeared as quickly as it could, dragging the attendant with it. I am left guessing whether it felt some faint smell of wolf or sheep blood that we cannot sense.


Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could blog about those hard problems. Thanks.

Mihai said...

It will happen. The fact that I normally give board talks instead of using slides does have some negative side to it when it comes to dissemination.

Rasmus Pagh said...

The Dagstuhl talk was very interesing. While we wait for a blog post, here is what Mihai wrote on the board in Dagstuhl. It may or may not make sense without the speech.

Muriel said...

Great outfit!!
Some day I will read the posts too.