Monday, April 28, 2008

Christos Anesti

Christ is Risen! to all the Orthodox out there.

At MIT, we use the opportunity to cook some Romanian food and have a party (and an after-party at my house, it seems). As prototypes of our post-communist generation, we don't really believe in anything, including religion. But it is a cool opportunity to get together.

To celebrate this atheist Orthodox party, let me share a timely joke told tonight.

Yitzhak is very sad: his son converted to Christianity. His friends advise him to talk to the Rabi.

He goes to the Rabi and tells him his story.

The Rabi says: "You know, Yitzhak, I had the same problem, and I asked God about it..."

"And what did God say, Rabi?"

"He said: You know, Rabi, I had the same problem... "
Incidentally, I flew back on Friday night, and I'm flying away in the morning... I promise to get back to some blogging in about 1.5 weeks, when my interviews and visits are over.

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Anonymous said...

"He said: You know, Rabi, I had the same problem..."
"And what did He do about it, Rabi?"
"He wrote His testament."