Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For SODA attendees

Howard Karloff asked me to post the following:

Outing To See "South Pacific" on Broadway During SODA'09

I have reserved, for SODA attendees and their friends / spouses / significant others, 50 tickets in the loge section at Lincoln Center for the 7:00 PM, Tuesday, Jan. 6 show of "South Pacific," so popular a show that already both Saturday Jan. 3 performances are sold out. If you want to buy one or two tickets, send mail to with "South Pacific" as the subject field, specifying the number of tickets you want in the body of the e-mail. Tickets will go to the first SODA attendees who pay by credit card via PayPal. I'll send instructions by e-mail. The tickets are $120 each--the face value is $115, and the extra $5 is to cover the PayPal fee--and are NONREFUNDABLE: once you pay, there will be no refunds. However, I imagine someone at SODA, some random theatre-goer, or an ebay user would be thrilled to take tickets to such a popular show off your hands.

So, please, start those e-mails coming. Should the demand far exceed 50 tickets, I may arrange a second outing, to a different play, either Saturday or Tuesday.

A few reminders: "South Pacific" starts at 7PM, not the typical 8PM start time, on the last day of SODA. The venue is Lincoln Center, not in the heart of Broadway. Once you pay, there's no backing out.

See you in New York in a couple months!

Howard Karloff

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