Monday, November 17, 2008


I decided yesterday not to submit anything to STOC, so I spent my most relaxing deadline day yet. For one paper, I found a deadly bug, while for another I found an improvement (moving it back to the column of things I need to think more about).

The main lesson for me was that there are limits to everything, and that dealing with an endless stream of stuff (from my defense, to writing a thesis, to visa issues, to searching for an apartment, to IBM sign on stuff, to paperwork for buying a motorcycle...) can really kill research.

Now I look forward to a year without deadlines (I am on the FOCS program committee). I hope to spend the first month catching up with things, and the rest doing what I actually enjoy doing, i.e. thinking about my problems. If this plan fails, I might have to elope to Africa again for a few months :)

As for this blog, I will probably get back to writing interesting technical stuff soon. I expect the non-technical stuff to be kept to a minimum. (For one, we've got too much blogging in the community, and I'm bored. Plus, I've felt disappointed with the TCS community for quite a while, and there's not much I can say in between lying and insulting some folks.)

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Anonymous said...

You sound bitter and clinging to your bible...

I am disappointed with you for being disappointed with us. I declare a war of disappointment upon you.

Have fun in Almaden doing real research (which is the only thing that matters anyway). Try not to be disappointed.