Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barriers 2

Later today, I'll be giving a talk at the 2nd Barriers Workshop in Princeton.

Here's my attempt to survey data structure lower bounds in 70 minutes: PDF, PPSX.

Update: Based on comments, I'm publishing the slides as PPSX (which can be viewed with a free viewer) and PDF. I will try to convert my other talks to these formats when I have time.


Anonymous said...

PDF is by far the best format. Powerpoint should let you export the slides with each build in the animations on a separate page.

The problem with Powerpoint is that formatting is wildly inconsistent going from a Mac to a PC or back, so half the audience won't be able to use your slides easily.

Anonymous said...

yea, pdf or google docs please..

Anonymous said...

PPTX or PPSX - the files are guaranteed not to have any VBA and the viewer is free. Thanks !

Guilherme said...

Pdf format should be available even if animations are lost. The formatting of both ppt and pptx is not consistent when the file is read by openoffice.

Dave said...

Any chance there will be videos posted? The slides look great, but it would also be nice to hear the presentation.

Anonymous said...

PowerPoint surely has "Record Narration" somewhere in the ribbons. If you do full rehearsals at home maybe you can record one take and upload the resulting file.

PDF also supports embedded audio but I'm not really sure if you can do it for free or if the PDF converter from Microsoft also supports audio.