Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Friday

~/work% mkdir 4D
~/work$ cp ~/bs/preamble.tex 4D/paper.tex
~/work$ cp ~/bs/hacked-article.cls 4D/article.cls
~/work$ cp ~/bs/hacked-size11.clo 4D/size11.clo
To: coauthor-1. Sorry, I am a bit delayed due to another paper, and I still don't have a complete draft, but the paper is falling nicely into place. I promise to have a first draft out by Monday morning.

  • title?
  • abstract
  • intro. Track down fractional cascading refs!
  • figure out complete list of coauthors
  • figure out how to analyze Bob's side of the rectangle (NB: we're losing smthg like a log or log^2 in the density of queries, is the intuition still true?)
  • technical section
  • make nice drawing with 2 coupled trees
  • does a 2-sided lb seem doable? Figure out whether to claim it "in the full version".
  • announce social event Monday 4am, G575. Buy cookies for event.
  • confirm postdeadline beer @CBC, 8:30pm.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that you're not the only one with such a long TODO-list until Monday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Track down fractional cascading refs!

Here you go. Check off one more item.