Monday, November 26, 2007

Theory Channel Line-up

Via Muthu, I hear about the Aggregator. Here's the deal: most people use RSS readers (which they should be, for example is wonderfully easy to use). But if you're among those people who deliberately avoid readers, you find yourself navigating to all the webpages for various blogs. The aggregator can save you some clicks, by merging all Theory CS blogs into one page. So if you're a theorist and reader-hater, bookmark this page.

PS: Yes, the picture of me on this site (left side below) has great nostalgic value. But a few restless years later, I look more like on the right side...

May'04 ---??--> Oct'07

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Arvind Narayanan said...

actually, i'm a heavy user and huge fan of google reader myself.

however, i created the aggregator because of what i think are some deficiencies of rolling all your feeds into one general purpose reader. i don't want to repeat myself, so i won't elaborate, but i'll just point out that even if you want only the rss feeds, you'll probably find my unified feed more useful than the individual ones.